back in the 80s

I went to a pretty crazy 80s party last night and brought along my dear roommate Craig. Everybody was supposed to be dressed 80s style, but only Craig truly hit the nail on the head. The guy was wearing the tightest black jeans known to mankind, a black ribbed shirt and a leather jacket so dusty, it’s presence caused allergy breakouts for the best of us. As the night progressed, most people slowly started to take off their 80s gear. Not Craig. Boy, he really took this one serious. Imagine a heated room filled with 80 people. Girls are wearing tank tops at this point, and it was hard to find a guy who hadn’t reduced his wardrobe to pants and t-shirt. And then my roommate in the middle of it. Craig the 80s man. Didn’t take off his coat once. People all around him are sneezing uncontrollably and rubbing their red eyes. I really have to be careful about inviting Craig to Theme parties. He does take it a bit too seriously.

8 hours of work on Sunday.  Bad habit. It rained today. Funny how the suddle drops of rain almost become a form of entertainment in desert country Los Angeles.