back in the land of the blogging

Lots has happened in the past couple of weeks, which has kept me completely distracted from doing any sort of blogging (or dish washing for that matter.) My parents came and visited from Germany, we had two major pitches at work, Jen moved into a new apartment (which we will be moving her out of again very soon), I watched Indiana Jones and didn’t like it, Lost had their season finale, Otto gained a pound from all that German cat food,  Jimmy had his bachelor party and we rented a house on the beach, Germany announced their Euro Cup team, I started looking for tickets for a trip to Europe in September, I finally got to see Barack Obama give a speech, I became a book publisher, we made up a new word, and it got mentioned on and CNBC and last but not least, I am sporting a temp mustache. But now I am back.  Well, this weekend I am going camping, but I at least hope to have some cool pictures for you.

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  1. Anonymous June 3, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    Please provide some photos of your mustache.