back on call

So, I have a cell phone again. Now you can call me again. I can maintain friendships and discontinue meeting people at random places at random times. You really should give me a call. I am all stoked about my cell phone now, so I can’t wait to hear it ring.

I thought that I had a soccer game this morning. Consequently I got up, had breakfast, brushed my teeth and then realized that the game isn’t until tomorrow. I am an idiot.

My friends P, Nick, Thomas and Gabe came into town last night. 4 guys from Montana. 3 of which have been drinking continuously for the past 8 hours. Well, we all went out once they got here.

Oh before those guys got here, I did go to baseball game with my roomates Eli and Roach. It was quite fun. I think we ended up wining 8:2.  Did you know that they don’t serve alcohol after the 8th inning. What’s up with that. Still, got to love those company tickets.