back to normal

My life is slowly easing back to normal. I gave my first ever college graduation keynote commencement speech last Friday, which was awesome. Who knew that I’d get to do something like that at such an early age. Regardless, it feels good to not be constantly thinking about what words I might be able to tweak or tighten up a bit anymore. I’ll be uploading some pictures soon.

On Friday we also had our company Christmas party. The theme was Holiday Bonding, in honor of the newest Bond movie. I did a fine job of controlling my alcohol consumption and went fly fishing the next morning.

It’s finals week for my teaching gig, so I’ll be busy grading papers right before the holidays. Then on Saturday, my parents are flying in from Germany.

I think I want to get a cat, but just haven’t had the time to go to the humane society yet. If I don’t have the time to get a cat, do I really have enough time to own a cat. Mmmh…

Well, everything is kind of back to normal.