back to the 80s

My Austrian buddy Marc is in town from Los Angeles and I’ve made it my duty to be his tour guide. He’s been here for only two days and we’ve hit at least 14 happy hours by now. Last night after one too many happy hours, we decided to crash an 80s video wall dance party at the local ballroom.

I’ve never seen so many misdressed guys and girls in my life. It quickly became clear that Marc and I were among the few sane people in the room, which resulted into an extremely unusual number of girls requesting to dance with us.

I’m not sure how or why, but I stand out at any sort of dance function. I either resist to move altogether, or I jump around like a madman on the dance floor. The latter held true last night.

Regardless, that was the most fun dancing I’ve had in a long time. This 80s party happens every Friday night, and I am going back there.