Bathroom Prison

And I thought sleeping in a bed with a dog was bad. Try sleeping in a bed with 2 cats (Cosby and Edna). They are sweet cute little cats, yet they managed to keep me up all night. Jerry told me to lock them into the bathroom, but I just thought that he might be a light sleeper. Boy was I wrong. I woke up this morning at 9am and it felt like I just went to bed. Those two licked and nibbled my ears all night long. I tried to lock them out of the room, but that just caused even more havoc. I didn’t know that two cats could make that much noise. Anyway, the two are going to sleep in the bathroom tonight. There is just no way around it.

I am revamping my website (the Mario group) and I am expecting it to be up by the Tuesday. From that point there will be pictures posted on this blog, so everyone can get a more visual idea of what�s going on. I will keep everyone posted on the updates.

I am going to lock up the cats now and go to bed�