bday party

Last night my much anticipated 24th birthday party took place at our apartment. About 50-60 people showed up and drank lots of booze, ate pounds of cheese and spilled little red wine on our carpet. My buddies Jerry and Charlie flew in from Seattle and my former colleague Mark drove up from the OC. And many of my current coworkers and friends came as well. Ok, enough of the emotional sap. The party was awesome and here’s what happened:

7-8pm: First guests arrive, ran out of beer
8-10pm: Dozen of people play “catchphrase”, everybody else arrives, wonders why we didn’t have anymore beer
10-11pm: Birthday cake, happy birthday chants, ipod shuffle and a speed dating gift certificate
11pm – midnight: More drinking, uncontrolled picture taking
midnight – 2am: Trip to “The Arsenal”, coronas and unrestrained dancing activities
2- 4am: Cheeseburgers, omelets, pancakes and food fight at “Norms”
4- 4:37am: Three guys trying to blow up a darn air mattress.

People had pitched in together and bought me an Ipod Shuffle and had made reservations for me to go to a Speed Dating event. Also, thank you Christina for the awesome whiskey glasses, thank you Charlie for the Chris Farley DVD, thank you John and Diane for the much needed UM grizzlies gear, thank you Sebastian for the dictionary (men/women…women/men). Thank you for all the cards. Thank you Mark for organizing this whole thing and thank you for everyone who didn’t forget my birthday. You set a high bar.

What else happened… Charlie taught my chinese neighbor how to make a screwdriver (“Ahm, You could add some vodka to your OJ”), Steve believed to have heard that some girl liked red haired guys, Tom drank wine coolers and Jerry got caught talking to a chair.

I want to thank everyone who came to my party. And thank you so much for all the great presents. I didn’t need the “Speed Dating” voucher, but your foolishness is easily forgiven. Just a couple of years ago, I didn’t know a single person in Los Angeles. And now I have many amazing friends who made this birthday a memorable one. Thank you.

Now click here to check out the party pics.