before I go to sleep

A quick little news roundup before I hit the sack. It’s really pathetic how little time I’ve been devoting to staying in touch with people, which to me includes regularly updating my blog. Some day I am going to look back and wonder what the heck I was thinking in my twenties. Until then, here’s what’s happening in my life:

  • The other day Otto slept all day long. It was raining and I think he simply was a bit depressed about that. No birds to watch, etc. Anyways, I let him sleep, which was a grave mistake. He kept me up all night last night. Every hour or so, he’d wander around my pillow purring while giving me little kisses with his whiskers. Remind me to never marry a woman with whiskers.
  • One of my good girlfriends told me the other day that she can’t stand going to bed knowing the kitchen ain’t clean. Funny, I can’t stand cleaning my kitchen before going to bed. Does that mean we’re a match?
  • I came away with food poisoning at last week’s management retreat. Bad steak fajitas is my guess. Hence tonight at a business dinner, I decided to go with the rack of lamb rather than my usual choice of whatever steak choice is on the menu.It was good but I can’t wait until I get the steak aftertaste from last Thursday out of my mouth.
  • I am going to Vancouver BC this weekend to pick up my latest and greatest Visa. Since I fly too much anyways, I decided to take the train instead. Who’d knew there are enough train tracks between Portland and Vancouver for me to spending 16 hours on a train within a two-day time period.