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Today I bought my new road bike at the Bike Gallery in Portland. What led me to buy a bike there was the pure fact that one of their employees (who was just a good guy, regardless of whether he worked at the Bike Gallery or not) saved my butt when my other bike broke down roadside last week. I also knew what bike I wanted and they just happened to be the place that had it. Yet despite all these positives, a manager at the bike gallery almost managed to mess up this sure sale. Here’s what happened.

Since I already knew what bike I wanted, I literally walked into the store, chose the bike, got it fitted and then headed to the counter to pay. The employee helping me even threw in a $5 water bottle that had just gotten in and was plastered with their advertising. While I would have bought the bike anyways, I still thought it was really nice gesture. Well a nice gesture turned into a terrible customer service mishap when the manager told helpful employee that he wasn’t allowed to give away any water bottles, especially not since the bike was already discounted by $50. The guy obviously knew little about how to treat a customer or employee for that matter, and proceeded to tell me that there is no way that he can throw in the $5 water bottle (which must have cost them all of $1 at the most). He also scolded one of his employees in front of co-workers and even customers. I told him such is the most ridiculous performance I’ve ever seen by a retail salesperson and that I decided to not purchase the bike, which led him to change his mind and throw in the plastic water bottle. Boy, what a guy. This fellow probably wouldn’t lend his own grandma a quarter for the bus.

I ended up buying the bike. Not because of the water bottle, rather I liked the employee who’ll hopefully receive some kind of commission. However, the bike gallery in Portland has lost a potential customer, as this was the last purchase I made there.

With that being said, here’s my sweet new bike. Canadian and all…

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