bike heaven

I did it. I managed to break my first road bike within two months of owning it. It’s still somewhat unclear to me how I inflicted this sort of permanent damage to my carbon fiber frame.

The folks at REI determined that the damage was pretty much unfixable, and to their credit gave me a full refund of the purchase price. REI rocks folks. Even though the damage wasn’t necessarily my fault (at some point I did crash), most bike retailers would have left me hanging. REI issued a full refund for the bike without any complaining. Well, there was one guy who advised me to maybe not buy such a good bike, since I am just getting started with the sport. Sorry to say, but that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. For once, an REI employee sold me the bike. Secondly, that’s like saying that just because you’ve never kissed a girl you have to take the female captain of the Speech & Debate team to your first prom. Well, not quite but you see where I am going.

Anyway, my first road bike will be missed.