bird flu, cat flu

The bird flu is raging all over my dear home country. And I really wouldn’t be that concerned, if it wasn’t for the fact that some cat living on some German island was infected by it. Supposedly, it ate an infected bird.Now, our government is installing a cat arrest (no more going potty outside) within a certain distance of where an infected bird was found. In some areas of the country, the government has actually started shooting stray cats.

And, here’s how this affects my family:

1. Our cat loves to catch and eat birds. Knowing my dear mother, our cat will not be allowed to go outside alone anymore from now until the end of time. Dead birds or not, the risk is simply too high. However, due to my mum’s borderline insane love for our cat, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’d start taking little Sophie for walks. And with the government starting to shoot stray cats, my floor in the house is bound to be turned into some sort of national stray cat shelter.

2. My grandmother has a cat too. And while her cat was never allowed to go outside to begin with, wide-reaching lifestyle changes are on the horizon. I doubt that her cat will be allowed to get close to any sort of window anymore. And opening the windows is most definitely out of question. Much like cat food, as it has always dubious where that stuff came from anyways.This will also be a great reason for my grandmother to stop leaving the apartment for good. After all, how do we know that the cat who died in Germany wasn’t infected by a human being.