I had a pretty interesting birthday today. It all started with showing up 20 minutes late this morning at the gym, then being a wished a happy birthday by the cute girl at the counter (got to love those database systems) and then got hustled for an hour by my workout buddy. Somehow, she turns into a personal trainer around me and tries to get me to do all these weird exercises. Today, she literally stood next to me while I was doing sprints on the treadmill. Not right.

Work was great. I had a four hour meeting with a famous Canadian actor (on the right), followed by a company wide birthday party, centered around a giant birthday cookie. Then tonight I had my class, where everybody sang “Happy Birthday” for me. I am sorry that I didn’t get to answer any phone calls today, but somehow this day just flew by.

I know more people in LA than previously thought. So far I have invited 90 people to my birthday party this weekend. That doesn’t include any of the guests they might bring along. If half of them show up, I am screwed.