Tonight is my 400th blog entry. I think it’s pretty incredible. Actually, the blog started as part of my newly founded consulting business that I was planning to run from my riverside apartment in Montana. Until I found out that it was a rather illegal activity for me to be involved in. No business for me. Anyway, the blog has been in Montana, Germany, Seattle and now Los Angeles. I have been documenting my adventures and the lack thereof; I have praised and harrassed people; I have told jokes and documented my sorrows; I have asked girls out via the blog and I almost got dumped because of it; heck this thing has been self therapy in a way. And the blog still is all those things to me and will be for a long time to come. At least I hope so. Wherever I am, the blog is. And hopefully, I will be able to provide some kind of entertainment to the world.

Just for the record, to date the blog has had over 70,000 hits with almost 20,000 unique visitors.

Thank you for your loyalty.