Breakfast Reality Cartoons

So waking up this morning, I encountered Kayla (4 years old) yelling at the TV in the kitchen. She was watching her favorite cartoon, enthusiastically reanimating every word spoken in the show. I guess the show is called Dora and it simply consists of one group of kids yelling at the other (out of the perspective of a 21-year old). Well, Kayla remembers every single word in this show, yet I believe that the kids yell the same stuff over and over. They just simply use a different group of kids to yell at. Once again, this is out of the perspective of a 21-year old. I have tried to ask Kayla about the different characters in the show, but she just simply waves me off and tells me to be quiet.

I find it astonishing how happy this show makes little Kayla, and I am seriously considering to join the girl with her next breakfast reality cartoon. At the beginning things might be kind of weird for Kayla and me, but hopefully the integration process will work seamlessly.

I watched Sweet Home Alabama with Sada tonight. One of those movies that I would never admit to having watched (seen it twice), so I am going to mention it on my blog. Tomorrow I really need to do something a bit more on the masculine side, just to live a balanced live. Maybe I will mess up my room or something