Today I took the bus to work. After quite the break, I decided that it was time again for this humbling experience. Riding the bus in LA makes one realize how fortunate one really is. There are many odd and few normal characters, all riding in the same vehicle, all for different reasons.

The rather large red haired lady with hairy legs. She asks people what time it is and if you respond, she’ll proceed to tell you about why the FBI is trying to interfere with her normal every day life. Once she starts, the only way to get out of the conversation is to get off the bus.

The little old man who is trying to finish a crossword puzzle. His glasses keep falling off his nose and his shaky hands keep breaking off the tip of his pencil. I always have a pen ready to give the little man.

The mexican nanny, dropping off the little chubby white boy at private school. She explains to him in broken English why it’s important to pay attention in class. She never lets him forget his lunch bag and kisses him on the cheek when saying “adiós.”

The sympathetic middle aged African American lady on her way to the mall. She gets stuck learning about people chased by the FBI.