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Sure,  hard work, dedication and a certain level of intelligence are all important traits to have . Yet,  without a  network of colleagues, partners and friends a lot of these traits quickly lose their value. Your connections will let others know about your company, act as advisors when it comes to making a hard decision or introdruce you to a great opportunity.

So get out there and start networking. Write emails to your old college professors, send christmas cards to former colleagues and start telling people about your business. If you don’t tell anyone about what you are doing, nobody will be able to help you. Also start looking for opportunites to network with colleagues in your field. In case you are afraid to network with your  local competitiors, go online and find businesses that do the same thing you do. Call up their management team, tell them about what you are doing and set up a time to talk on the phone with them. You can exchange ideas and maybe talk about best practices. It will be a win – win situation and chances are a new business relationship will develop.

Check out  and

They are both Internet portals that encourage communities, allowing  the exchange of information and ideas. Also, they are great friends in business, who have helped me a lot.