cameron’s party

Last night I went to my buddy’s Cameron surprise birthday party. It was at Dan’s house and I ought to say that Cameron really was absolutely clueless and surprised. That might also stem from the fact that he drank a bottle of champagne at his birthday dinner.

Anyhow, I went with my neighbor Jenna (one of the Nebraska twins) and there is one funny story to tell. On my way to the outside patio, I was surprised by a group of 7 gorgeous Mexican girls. They were completely out of place and dressed quite extravagantly. Much to my own surprise, I commented on how their high heeled shoes really could not be too comfortable. Few of the smiled and out came the one not-so-cute, stumpy and rather drunk Mexican girl. The one that I couldn’t get rid of for the rest of the evening. She stepped out of the group. Took my arm and told me that I was going to help her walk in those uncomfortable shoes. Thirty steps lady, half of the party thought that we must be a couple and telling her that she couldn’t sit on my lab was rather incomprehensible to her. As the evening progressed and I managed to dodge one attack after the other, we finally parted. Or should I say, I got away.