Not much to say today. I am still looking for that right place in LA. I began looking at Westwood, which is where UCLA is located. I haven’t gotten much response from my inquiries, but we shall see. I am leaving this weekend to go camping with Natilee, so there probably won’t be much progress in that regard. Anywho, I will keep you updated on my apartment hunt. The quest for a sane roommate shall continue.

Met Natilee’s mum and sisters last night. They live in some kind of mansion out in Redmond. Everybody was super nice to me. There was no cultural clash and hopefully I will get to see them again sometime. Her sisters are little cuties. Nice too, as they let me watch “Spongepants Bob” with them, or whatever you call that show.

Hope everyone is going to have a good weekend. The weather in Seattle is beautiful.