captain of the women’s national synchronized rollerskating team

Thursday night, I went out with my Austrian buddy Marc. Once a month there is a gathering of Germans, Austrians and anyone else who cares to surround themselves with Lederhosen and Hefeweizen.
The party (Alpine Mixer) happens at Arnold’s bar and restaurant Schatzi’s in Santa Monica. Anyway, it’a always a lot of fun and one is bound to meet some interesting people. There are a ton of famous people at this gatherings, none of who I can identify after a few Hefeweizens. Regardless, the national Austrian TV station (sorry they only have one, ORF) was there to document everything. Looks like Austria ran out of real news.

Marc was an hour late and I used my time wisely talking to a very attractive young woman. As the conversation progressed I learned that she was the captain of the women’s national synchronized rollerskating team. She also used to be a broadway actor, lived in Berlin for three years and now is a screenwriter. Maybe she was just pulling my leg, but she was definitely the most interesting person I met that night. So was her large Cuban lady friend, who had one too many Martinis and wouldn’t stop touching me. I guess it was a fair price to pay.