car purchase

I am really going to buy a car within the next month. Now I just need to make the decision of whether to make a rational (Honda) or emotional purchase decision (Volkswagen). It’s really not an easy call and will probably keep me sleepless for the next few weeks.

Fourth of July weekend is coming up. I don’t have to work on Monday, so I should really go somewhere for the weekend. Camping, deep sea fishing or maybe some Amusement park action. I really ought to do something.

My life has gotten to a sad point. I was invited by Sony to preview their new Spiderman II movie. I didn’t. I went to the gym instead. Loser.

Sadly, I think living in Los Angeles has truly made me realize what kind of emotional struggles one can go through. I think I am getting past all that and am starting to gain some ground under my feet again.

My buddy Ben got a pretty sweet job today. Nice work Ben. We are proud of you (Me and your parents).