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I’ve come to an interesting point of my life, where most drinking occasions are work related: Dinner with the boss, company celebrations, client dinners, benefit dinners, industry roundtables etc.

My plan for 2006 was to go back to being a health nut. Now, I am starting to realize that this might be a harder proposition than initially thought to be. Now it’s ok if I drink a couple times a week for business, but then I can’t be out there celebrating on my personal time. Which is easier said than done, as everybody in Portland spends their winters in pubs, wine houses and breweries. Heck, there are movie theatres and libraries serving microbrews in this town. And since I just moved here, I do try to make use of most social invitations.

Here’s another interesting stat. I’ve spent five nights in the past two weeks, sleeping in hotel rooms.No wonder business people are all out of shape.

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  1. Anonymous May 2, 2011 at 2:08 am

    I don’t care how the others who commented here are feeling about your article – I still like it.