Catastrophes happen. They are terrible. Look what just happened in Italy, a town that has been around for centuries, torn down by an earthquake in a matter of minutes. 20,000 people are now homeless.

I think we should do whatever it takes to help them. Do you? I think most people would agree that in times like these, we as a collective need to help the individual.

That’s what we did for the 9/11 victims. That’s what we did for Katrina victims. And that’s what we need to do for the people of small Italian towns like L’Aquila.

With that in mind, I don’t understand why anybody would be opposed to the concept of universal healthcare. Because when someone is diagnosed with cancer and can’t afford a health insurance policy, then that is a catastrophy. They either don’t get the treatment they need, or they’ll bankrupt themselves for years too come.

And while some might make the argument that certain cancers are avoidable (smokers, obesity, etc), most of my close acquaintances who were diagnosed and died of cancer neither smoked, drank or where overweight in any way or shape.

Catastrophes happen. Considering that we’re the richest nation in the world, everybody should have access to proper universal healthcare. That’s how you can prevent the personal catastrophes that millions of Americans have to deal with every year.

Universal health care is the only way to go, and I hope we recognize such before the lack of such turns into catastrophes for millions of Americans.

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