I am catsitting at my friend Jerry’s apartment this weekend. Jerry went back to Montana, so I am taking care of his cats now. They are pretty cute, but just won’t leave me alone. The apartment is smack center downtown Seattle and is pretty sweet.

Anyway, I went running downtown Seattle today, and almost got put under citizen’s arrest. There isn’t much green downtown Seattle, so I was really happy to find a patch of soil to run on. Well, to make a long story short; it wasn’t just a path of soil. Apparently the path is used to grow flowers on, so the landscaping lady wasn�t too happy to see me running on it. I must have run on it for a while, but due to the use of my headphones I was not able to hear her screaming at me. Anyway, the lady was very upset and I think she wasn’t far from hitting me. Big city people, tell you what.

It’s Valentine’s Day and who knows what I will be doing. My friend Pete wants to go out, but I am not sure whether it is such a great night to go out. We will see about it.

Oh and I ran into my friend Molly M. downtown Seattle today. Molly M. used to be the student body president at the University
of Montana. I worked with her as a Senator and I can�t say that we always got along. She was a nice girl; we just always had a different opinion. She told me to look her up in the phone book. Maybe Molly will find my blog some day and then she can just email me. That will probably be way before I try to find my way around a Seattle phonebook.


Happy Valentine’s day to everyone out there.