chinese national sports

People tell me that the Chinese love soccer, however, with a rather painful lack of world cup titles to show for, I’d like to contend that notion. Here’s what the Chinese are really good at and despite a lack of competitive outlets, I’d argue that nobody could beat them at it.

1. Littering.
There are piles of trash all over the place in the streets around here. The same holds true with empty trash cans and workers cleaning the streets. I have never seen so many empty trash cans, so much trash laying around and so many people working to clean it up. Everything you buy gets wrapped up in some sort of plastic bag, which then gets thrown into the streets at the first opportunity that arises. There is no organized competition around the sport of “littering” quite yet, however, I’m pretty sure that there is something on the horizon. They have a billion people ramping up for whatever is coming.

2. Spitting.
Chinese men are really good at this. And Chinese women are making huge strides in both improving their distance and volume. Not only is it amazing to see how a nation has taken such a natural body movement, and turned it into a fun and fulfilling wet phenomena. But as a visitor it’s also challenging to not get hit with whatever might be coming out of their mouths. Again, there is no competition yet. But my guess is that it’s coming.

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  1. Anonymous December 29, 2005 at 4:29 pm

    Hi Mario, this is some really interesting stuff.
    The pictures you’ve been taking make me feel as though I am in China with you. Keep it up!

    Living vicariously,
    Your friend John