chronic underappreciation

I was at focus groups until 10pm last night. Focus groups fascinate me (even though I wouldn’t want to observe them every day), as it’s just such a great way to learn about 10 different people at once. The participants were a group of convenience store owners and managers. Sadly, we managed to make an assumption about our strategy before these focus groups. And of course, the focus groups again proved the exact opposite. I guess that’s why you ought to listen before you talk.

I woke up this morning and self-diagnosed myself with an illness called chronic underappreciation. I just don’t appreciate things as much as I should. And not just one thing or the other, but probably a bit of everything. Friends, family, Los Angeles, relationships, health conversations, sunrises, smiles, phone calls, emails, meals, and Natilee. There really isn’t anything in my life that I should think negatively about. I have everything that anyone could ever ask for. And I just don’t appreciate it as much as I should.

I guess it’s good that I finally self-diagnosed myself. That’s a first step. The treatment shall begin…