Last night was great. All my friends showed up for the bbq and it turned into quite the event. We barbecued burgers and corn while consuming malt beverages throughout the entire night.. I managed to catch my corn on fire and by the end of the night I  was able to chug a 12 oz can of beer in 5.03 seconds. I really saw a lot of improvement throughout the night. After that incredible performance of mine, there really wasn’t much our house could offer anymore. You know when you to the point where things just can’t get any better. Well that’s exactly how I felt. And we were out of beer. So off we went. Into the midst of the University bar scene. It was graduation night. I couldn’t get myself to shut up and consistency yelled the line “LADY IN BLACK COMING THROUGH”. What movie is that from? It almost got me killed last night.

Waking up this morning was not as painful as expected. Actually, I already went running, grocery shopping and am half way done doing my laundry. It’s almost like I am 21 again.

A few lines have to be said about my buddy “Chuckles”. Chuckles is the guy on our couch. He lives a block away, belongs to some fraternity and spends all his time at our basement apartment.Actually, he spends no time with his fraternity. Chuckles is a Seattle native and his real name supposedly reads “Charles”. He claims that our couch is more comfortable than his bed could ever be and  wholeheartedely appreciates the lack of  morning light at our place. Chuckles is always on our couch. Sleeping, smoking, watching TV or reading SI’s swimsuit issue. He can watch any movie and within seconds announce the exact date on which an actress was featured in Maxim. Chuckles is amazing kid and I appreciate his decision to prolong his university career by taking a quarter’s worth of credits equally distributed over the next 4 quarters. Go Chuckles. It’s great to have you be part of the team.