city champions

Today we had our big city championship final. In soccer that is. It has been an amazing journey to the final, and honestly I cannot believe that we made it. I was picked up at 10 am and off to the fields we went. The game was scheduled to start at 11am and I actually wanted to warm up a little bit this time.I got there and started talking to the French guys’ girlfriends. That pretty much took care of my warm up. big deal. So, I didn’t warm up.

It was our worst game of the season. We actually went ahead and scored the 1:0 right before the end of the first half. We really didn’t deserve that goal, as it was literally our first shot on the goal. The other team tied up right away coming back from halftime. They deserved it, as it was literally their 20th shot. Then came my big moment. Being a bit frustrated, I somehow managed to knock this guy off his feet. I really didn’t touch him too much, but it must have looked pretty bad. The ref yellow carded me, not for the foul, but for the intention.That’s “BS” and I told him that. So, I almost got red carded. Luckily the french guys pulled me away before any further damage occured.
So I didn’t get redcarded. I actually came back and scored the game winning goal. I made a run from the half and scored from about 15 yards out. The keeper managed to deflect the shot, but it went in regardless of his effort. My worst game and my most important goal. We won 2:1 and are now city champions.

It was a lot of fun to play on this team. A great bunch of guys from a bunch of different places. I ended up scoring 10 goals and 4 assists in 8 games. I can’t believe that I actually made those 4 assists. That is very untypical for myself.

There will be a bbq at my house tonight. All my friends have been invited and everyone is actually expected to come. Pete, Jared and I are going to have a great time. So long…