Clean roomates

Today, I spent getting myself a bit familiar with Seattle. I opened a bank account, set up my Internet connection and went grocery shopping. The “Wholefoods” store here is simply amazing. About 12 times the size of the one in Missoula. I have the feeling that I will spent quite a bit of time in that store. I got my bank account with banc of america. Not sure if I like the name, but can’t beat a free checking account. After hours of trying to reconfigure my modem, I realized that I forgot to plug the modem into the wall. One of those simple things that I just don’t get.

Things are sure different withoug Max ( the dog I was watching in Missoula, most journal entries have been about him). Well, my roomate Elisa has a daughter named Kayla. I guess it is as close to Max as it will get for me.  She is great, yet I don’t think that her mother will let me teach her tricks. I will keep everyone posted on that.

My roomates are great. Complete opposite of me. They love to clean and spent more time cleaning the house in a day, than I would in a year. I guess that’s probably why everything is so nice here. And it smells good too.

Seattle has been great. I am excited to live in a big city. Of course there will be a million things that I will miss about Montana.