I have finally figured out a way to just live off the money I make from writing in my blog. As you can see, I am now serving a wide variety of ads on the left side of this page. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, I will make a small amount of money. Assuming that I have about 1 million visitors every day and 10% of them click on my ads, then this page could easily generate about $10,000 a month. My reduced work schedule would give me enough time to pursue numerous hobbies, send out christmas and birthday presents and never forget to return a single phone call again. I would be a much better friend, son and boyfriend. I would always be wearing neatly ironed shirts and chances are that my sideburns would grow in as well.

Since I have nowhere near 1 million visitors a day, the additional burden has to be placed on the few and select who actually do visit the mario blog. That would be…YOU.

So if you ever see an ad on this page that interests you, I’d urge you to click on it. If none of the ads interest you, please still click once. Hey, at least you know where your money goes. Maybe some day, I will be able to buy a book of stamps or silly colored tie from the proceeds. You never know. Click…

BTW, don’t click too often or they might remove my money making privileges.

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  1. Anonymous April 21, 2011 at 9:44 am

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