I want to write a few words about an experience I had last week. Our
company brought in a presentation coach for 2 days. Each and everyone
of us got to spend 8 hours, learning from this older english gentleman.
He did one of those “before and after” videos for each of us.
Supposedly, it was going to make us realize how much we had improved
throughout the day. Now according to the coach, I needed to work on
speaking louder and in a more serious tone. There were more issues, but
these were the main ones after the first go around.

In the second session, I still had to speak louder and in a more
serious tone. On top of that, I was on the edge of breaking out in
tears, stoddered and was told that I was not allowed to move around
anymore or use my hands. All focus was meant to be on what was coming
out of my mouth. A great learning experience. I just need to make sure
that nobody ever sees my tape. And I thought I was a good presenter.

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