Make 2016 the year to come and visit Montana

One of my favorite things about owning a house is to have guests, both local and from out-of-town. Over the last couple of years, I did indeed have guests, friends and family come and visit from all over the world.  Many of my best memories stem from either people visiting Montana or vice versa. Over the past twenty years, I have been incredibly fortunate to see and live in large parts of the world, thanks to people opening their houses to me. That’s how I came to Montana, that’s how I drove across all 48, that’s how I traveled Asia and that’s how I was able to study and live in France, England and Spain. 

It’s time for me to seriously pay it forward. 

So, make 2016 the year when you come and visit Montana.

We’ll fish, we’ll ride bikes, we’ll camp, we’ll eat, we’ll drink, we’ll play board games, we’ll float the river and we’ll talk gardening. 

If we’re friends on Facebook, you’re invited.