completely addicted

I am 100% completely addicted to the former HBO show “Six Feet Under.” I must have watched at least 10 episodes this week, as I just continue shuffling them towards the top of my Netflix queue. A typical episode is about 55 minutes long. The last one I watched stopped after 48 minutes, and I almost threw my remote at the TV. I have to admit that this is really getting out of hand. It’s 11pm on a Friday night, and I am out of “Six Feet Under” DVDs. Tomorrow morning is going to be a tough awakening for me.


  1. Anonymous November 6, 2005 at 5:24 pm

    Being the internet junkie that I am, I signed up for your handy-dandy email notification of your blog…. but I get the updates like 2 days after your blog is posted and that is just unacceptable. So I unsubscribed. Just so ya know.

  2. Anonymous November 9, 2005 at 7:39 am

    I am going to have a real serious talk to my tech team. Unacceptable.

    Seriously, I am sorry. I have tried this subscription thing a few times, and whoever I outsourced it to never got it right. For now, I just hope that it gets better over time.