costume shopping

Yesterday, I went shopping for a pair of red sneakers. For some reason, I am having the urge to package my feet with such a bright color. Going to the mall, I found everything except that pair of red sneakers. Whenever a store like the Gap offers any kind of mass discount, I fall for it like a retired house-maker falls for that one exclusively made beanie baby. Hence, I bought a couple khaki pants as well as blue dress shirts #36 and #37.

This morning I had to go to a costume rental place. Not just any costume rental place, but the world’s largest one. At least in my humble world. Western Costume Company is located in a giant warehouse on the outskirts of North Hollywood. Just to give you an idea of the place, imagine the movie “Windtalkers” and all those soldier uniforms needed for a 3000 person battle scene. All those uniforms can all be found at the Western Costume Company, as well as 12 more miles of costumes. As you might envision, I got lost numerous times and never quite found what I needed. After three hours of wandering around, I still hadn’t found two pieces of clothing that would even closely resemble a match. At some point, someone had mercy and finally took me by the hand and got me everything I needed. I still have to go back tomorrow.