Couch surfing – animal planet style

My trip to Montana was awesome, as I was able to see a lot of friends. Not all but many.

The trip started off kind of crazy as Pat and I didn’t get to Missoula until about 4am on Wednesday. Normally this wouldn’t have been so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that I had to present at nine in the morning. Here are the most irrelevant highlights of what happened thereafter:

  • I presented to a couple of business school classes. Note to self, sleep more next time. I attended a day of board meetings. It was humbling yet motivating to be the youngest and least successful voice in the room.
  • In the order that follows I slept next to a somewhat overweight Basset Hound,  a quiet mix of lab and Basenji and then an overgrown chocolate lab. Couch surfing a la animal planet. Fortunately none of my friends had snakes.
  • I froze my butt off at most times of the trip. Partially because I didn’t remember how cold 20F really are, but mostly because I didn’t bring a real jacket.
  • I saw the Griz beat the Bobcats (Thank you Vickie & Nick). It was a great game but I don’t understand America’s obsessions with fighter jets flying over stadiums.
  • I had dinner at my buddy Russ’ house which turned into a five hour brainstorming session with the guys’ behind Missoula’s coolest new startup –
  • I ate at my favorite hamburger and breakfast joint in Hamilton, MT. Thanks John.

I love Montana.

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