This June, I am going to move out of my current residence and seek a new place to call home. More about that later.

Tonight I want to write a few lines about my roommate Craig. First off, Craig is going to be a friend for life. He was pretty much my first contact here in Los Angeles and he has made it a better place ever since. The two of us definitely could not be roommates for the rest of our lives, as there are just some things I couldn’t overcome. The constant smell of the guy cooking Broccoli being one of them.

Regardless, Craig is probably the most considerate and heartful person I have ever met. How, you ask?

We had a guy come in and fix our washer (the one I flodded…twice). When the guy got done, Craig gave him 3 brand new dress shirts that a friend of his mother’s had given him. Just for fixing the washer.

Craig will never be rich. Not because he doesn’t know what he is doing, but rather because he just can’t stop working for free. He honestly and sincerely just wants to help people overcome their sickness. Money is secondary. I think a lot of doctors could learn a lesson here.

Anyway, I am going to move out. Craig won’t be my roommate anymore. But a friend for life.