The most underrated dating strategy since the advent of accents

After a couple of (sad) years without a scooter, I am finally with Vespa again. Since then I have stumbled into a beautiful girlfriend (true), done thousands of pushups (not) and taught Otto how to water the garden(not). The other day I did an interview with my buddy Ryan’s new project and he asked me about something I believe that few others do. 

And honestly, I think more men should be riding scooters. For some reason that’s not a popular opinion as I think dudes believe that riding a scooter somehow threatens their masculinity – which basically means they’re worried about how they’ll be judged by members of the opposite gender. Here is where I think there’s a huge disconnect. 

Men are afraid that riding a scooter would make them less masculine in the eyes of women. So they don’t ride scooters and instead buy big trucks, shoot guns and workout with Beats By Dre headphones. I workout with Beats by Dre headphones.

On the other hand, I think many women actually find dudes on scooters to be quite masculine and appealing in a very understated way. Images of riding into the sunset on the back of a scooter while holding on to the tights abs of a Southern European man (think my sister’s boyfriend) come to mind. Compare this to the dude with the biceps tattoo holding a dead animal in four out of five Instagram pics. The other is of them drinking with their buddies. 

Anyways, I am not saying that every woman loves men on scooters. But I think many do and hardly any men have a scooter. So if you’re a straight man who has been trying to find your way with the ladies, consider this to be a blue ocean strategy dating tip.  

Also, scooters are incredibly fuel efficient and you can park them just about anywhere. 

Ps. When I say scooter, I mean Vespa. Don’t be buying one of those plastic mopeds.