day 2 – and I already have a routine

No doubt, I will be doing some traveling while I am in China and I will also make sure to stop by some of those ancient monuments that everybody is talking about. But I am also going to relax while I’m here and that’s what this first few days are all about.

I wake up at about 7am (my jetlag hasn’t been bad at all), look at the caged up dog next to me and then read for a little while. At about 8:30, Terry and I wander over to a street where all kinds of vendors are trying to sell anything from winter hats, turtles, ripped-off DVDs to food. Breakfast usually runs about 30 cents a head and includes anything from fresh baked bread, to doughy rolls with meat to rice cakes. There’s also a bunch of fried stuff but I try to stay away from that.

We then hit home and I usually spend a couple of hours working on my University stuff, while Terry is busy working his day job and being pack leader of two exceptionally ill-behaved dogs. At noon we drive over to the local gym, where we meet our Austrian buddy Daniel to work out for a couple of hours.

Sauna, shower and we hit home again. Btw, the water smells awful in this country. No matter where you go, the water stinks.

Back at home, Terry’s maid has prepared a meal which we gulf down over beers. I spend my afternoons working on the blog or just wandering around the neighborhood. At night, we go out for food, Karoake or cheap Chinese massages.