day 3 + day 4 + day 5 – social gatherings

This has been a rather typical week for me, which shows exactly why I need some sort of strict dietary and exercise guideline.

Have you ever gone to one of those wine and cheese events, without actually eating wine or cheese? I went to one of those on Tuesday and quickly realized that the only way I can hang with so many mortgage lenders and massage therapists is in under the influence of da’ vino.

Then last night a bunch of people from work went out for beers and appetizers, before we headed to Cirque du Soleil. Again, I withstood all tempations, enjoyed buffalo fajitas with water and then watched crazy performers do all sorts of crazy things. At the end all the performers took off their masks to show they are real people. Yeah right…

Going to these kind of things always makes me wonder why I wasn’t born with any sorts of super talents. Then again, I remember the days when my mum tried to get me play an instrument. Or better yet, the year that my mum forced me to go to dance school and I actively started looking for an adoptive family.

Tonight, I am in for another challenge. Dinner with my boss and a client of ours. Let’s just hope that I stay strong, as I don’t have much time to volunteer this weekend.