dear nicole kidman

dear nicole kidman

I just read an article in a German paper announcing that Nicole Kidman would love to be in love with someone.  Apparently she has a lot of admirers, but just hasn’t been able to feel the same about any particular man. Well Nicole, I thought about the possibility of you and I.  I don’t want you to get overly excited about this. Maybe I will take you to a nice Mexican Fast Food restaurant and we get to know each other over a burrito or two. No promises though Nicole.

There are quite a few of things that are holding me back from madly falling in love with you Nicole.

  • You were married to Tom Cruise. I don’t like the guy.
  • You have a few kids from the guy. Despite my fairly mature personality, I really can’t see myself being a father of Tom Cruise’s kids. What is they look like him?
  • You are really good at acting. But what about your cooking and cleaning skills? When I get home from, the last thing I need is Drama.
  • You are 36 years old. I am not scared, but also don’t want to be the lone earner of the family when you are in retirement.
  • Can you make that total commitment to me? Are you willing to put with my mother? She calls a lot and will expect you to talk to her.

Don’t get me wrong Nicole. I do like the fact that you have a little money yourself. It shows me that you like  me, the person, and not my standing in society. Yet, your willingness to display your emotional state of being in the public does concern me a little bit. What if we run into problems and instead of solving them you run to the media. Honestly, I don’t want my mum to read about my shortcomings. That’s just not my world.

Regardless, you seem to be a nice enough girl for me to get to know. Feel free to email me at .

No promises, but I can probably make that Mexican Fast Food date happen.