dentist – bike – bus

dentist – bike – bus – watch

Today I received my parents’ christmas present. It is the coolest watch ever. I went to a watch repair shop right away to get the bracelet fitted for my little forearms. The watch fits perfectly now, but somehow I can’t get it off anymore. Bummer. Well, at least it’s a sweet watch.

I had a dentist appointment today. Fortunately, I can now say to have found the perfect dentist. This guy knows how to give a mean injection. He refers to it as Dr. Vs shake and bake and it’s miracously painless. I love it. He had to replace a few fillings and it turned into a pleasant experience for me. I laid back in the dentist chair, turned on my ipod and it was smooth ride from thereon out.

Sadly, I can’t say that my trip from the dentist to my office was anywhere near as pleasant. I blew the back tire of my bike, almost crashed and then had to find a way to transport myself and the yellow bike to work. I learnt that :

  • Some bus drivers won’t let you ride the bus if you are just a few cents short.
  • Jack in the Box doesn’t allow cash back on any of their merchandise.
  • Stores in the mall are really stingy about giving out their change in the morning.
  • I have spent $200 this year on bike repairs this year.
  • Buying a book on “how to repair a bike” really hasn’t gotten me anywhere.
  • I need to read that book.