What seemed to be a rather normal email turned out to be a near nightmare. My host mum Diane wrote me today and apparently she got into a car accident this weekend. On her way back from Spokane. Hit the break on rainy street and rolled the car 4 times. Fortunately, she walked away from the site of the accident. Diane suffered one broken vertebrae, however, with the help of a corset she is going to be fine.

I cannot believe Diane send me these news via email, as it was one of the scariest things ever. When the people you love get into a situation such as this, it really puts things into perspective. Diane, who I consider to be my American mother means the world to me. I can truthfully say that if it weren’t for her and my host dad John, I would not be here today. Not in this job and not in this country.

Diane said it right. The lord must have looked at that moment. I couldn’t be anymore thankful for that.


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