Dinner at Jerry and Kim’s apartment

Went to Costco today. Same thing as in Montana, except you have more samples here. Boy I sure love those. I went with Elisa and Kayla and that was a big plus. Girls don’t tend to eat as many samples, so I was able to double up on my portions. At Costso I got a call from my friend Jerry reminding me of his dinner invitation for tonight. I immediately stopped eating all those samples. Jerry works for a major ad agency here in Seattle (Wongdoody). He is their media director and is living right downtown Seattle. 13th floor apartment, right next to the famous Pike’s market. Unbelievable view and the food was great as well. Jerry’s colleague Steven was also at dinner. Steven is an Account Director working on the Bank of America account.  Funny, last week  I was spending considerable amounts of time with a dog named Max and now I am meeting all these important people.

Once again I saw Steve (gym membership sales guru) at the gym today, who tried talking me into signing up for some jump roping class. Apparently he has never done it before, but he watches it a lot. Also as soon as he finds the time he is planning to participate himself. So, I passed on that offer until I see Steve in there himself. Steve apparently is one of those guys that has never worked out before, but knows everything about it (according to himself). I think the guy is a complete dork, but for some reason I really enjoy talking to him. Wonder what that is saying about myself.