On Saturday morning I woke up, seeing my furniture move across the floor. It lasted for about 20 seconds and turned out to be my first LA earthquake. I guess it was a 2.7 on the rating scala and actually happened right under my apartment in West LA. On another note, my apartment building has been experiencing a series of brake-ins and car thefts. A rather scary thought. I feel even more badly for all the female international students who live by themselves (3,4 girls per apartment) in this building. They must be really freaked out. I have been trying to talk Mark into starting a security company, but the thought of walking the rounds in our building, armed with pepper spray has not been too appealing to the guy.

Today we had the last soccer game of the season and tied the first place team 1:1. It was actually a pretty good game and I didn’t score. However, I turned out to be the league’s top goal scorer. 16 goals this year. I am padding myself on the back, as we speak.