eat and run

eat and run with the bus pilot

Let’s talk about living a healthy lifestyle. I always read that when eating an unhealty meal/snack, you are just supposed to look over it and continue eating a healthy nutrition. Therefore eating the occasional slice of pizza really isn’t that bad. What about when you eat 8 slices of pizza, 10 chocolate chip cookies and then 2 donuts. That’s what I ate for lunch today, and then I wondered about how I should continue eating throughout the rest of the day. I really have no answer. Chances are I am going to go on a looooong loooooong run, trying to avoid the midnight heart attack.  Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

All my sites were down yesterday. Apparently, QWest had some kind of mess up in their system. Consequently, not a single website hosted in Montana was up yesterday. Gotta love Montana. WIRED….

Last bus story for the week. This morning, our bus driver thought he was a pilot. Nothing to do with the speed he was navigating the bus at. It was the crap he continued to announce through his little speaker system.

“Ladies and gentleman. My name is Bob. Next stooooop will be cooooooooooonvention ceeeeennteeeeer. Greyhound bus transfer…Boooooooon Maaaaaaaarcheeeee…”

He did that before every stop. No joke, the guy announced his name a total of 13 times. What the heck.