eli and geoff

eli and geoff and my wife

Here are my random thoughts for the day. First, let me tell you a bit about my 2 current roomates. Eli and Geoff.

Eli is Kayla’s dad. Kayla is the daughter of my last roomate Elisa. They dated in high school, but now really aren’t that affiliated with each other anymore. Eli lives and breathes Martial Arts. Him and Geoff are currently going through some program called “Ironhand”. By the end of it (still years away), they will be able to leave marks in rocks by the sheer force of their hands. The other day, I cooked up some pretty nasty spaghetti. I wasn’t able to finish it all, so I put it back into the fridge. Eli has been known to eat that kind of stuff. Great guy.

Geoff is a bit more quiet. He too is living and breathing martial arts. I often hear him hit that sack of herbs in his room, trying to achieve that Iron Hand. Geoff is also a great guy. I am incredible lucky to always run into nice people.

Now a few lines about my parents. My mum always used to be very concerned about my independence. She was always telling me that I don’t need a girlfriend yet, so I can keep traveling the world. After having visited my bachelor household for the past 2 years, their opinions have rapidly changed. My dad is always inquiring about whether or not I have met any nice girls. My mum is always telling me what I need to look for in a girl. According to her,  my wife needs to be nice, tidy and patient. Wow mother, what an exciting marriage that would be.

I am going on a long run today. Afterwards, I will help Jerry move some more stuff into his house. Then I am going to some karaqoke club with Brian and his roomates. I guess it’s his birthday tommorrow.