empty blog, not an option

Ouch, I haven’t written in my blog for a few days. So when I went to check in this morning, I realized that there was no entry whatsoever. And as Chief Editor of this fine journalistic outlet, empty pages just simply aren’t an option. Plus, there are a lot of stories to write about these days.

Lots of stuff has happened, so here is a very brief overview.

– I am in Seattle right now and will be here until next Thursday. Lots of work and catching up with old friends. Awesome.

– I am going back to MT in September, where I made it on my first Board of Advisors. That opportunity will be used to sit in Hot Springs and do lots of fly fishing. I’ll also be meeting my parents in MT who will be coming in from Germany.

– I am going to China over christmas. Shanghai, Bejing, HongKong…all in three weeks. Starting right now, I’ll be brushing up on my Chinese and prepare myself for my first Asian winter.

– My buddy Evan and I saw a movie at the LA Film Festival this weekend. The Wu-Tang clan sat in front of us and RZA introduced the flick. Just for the record, Evan fell asleep.

– I’ll find out on Friday whether or not I will be moving into a tiny bachelor apartment in Santa Monica.

– Germany’s soccer team beat Mexico 4:3. Just in case you didn’t know already.