My 3rd weekend in the city of Los Angeles. Natilee came into town and we spend lots of time with her family down here in L.A. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, sisters. You name them, I saw them today.

I also bought a bookshelf at IKEA this weekend. Everything you buy there, you have to assemble yourself. I didn’t know that. Hence, mine is still on the floor. Unassembled that is.  This week is going to be a stressful one. I have to work. Nevermind, I will have to work every week from now on. That is until, I finally retire at the age of 74. Boy, Sunday nights are going to suck from here on out, aren’t they.

I got my new cell phone number. Nobody has called me in 4 days. I am thinking about just canceling my cell phone again. Maybe I should try to find some friends first and then figure out a way to communicate with them. OK, I won’t cancel it, but you seriously will have to start calling me now.


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