fashion show

We had a photo shoot for one of our pro bono clients this morning. I was dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, examining suspicious objects around the Venice Beach Boardwalk. If you’d like, I’ll send you some snapshots. Just email me.

Tonight, I was invited by the Academy of Art (SF) to a fashion show at Sony Pictures. Now, I have been to lingerie show before but never to a fashion show. I had a front row seat, amidst all kinds of industry celebs. It was a lot of fun and an amazing experience.

Regardless, I know that a lot of top models are reading my blog but this needs to be said. Most female models are way too skinny and way too tall. Instead of being inspired by the prospect of going out with a super model, I just keep thinking about the potential downsides. What happens when I first get invited to her parents’ house and they prepare nothing but steamed vegetables and soy based ice cream snacks.
And she’d probably have a hard time accepting my permanent clothing preference of wearing nothing but blue. Plus, I just can’t see myself dating a girl who is seven inches taller than I.