first date with mario

A first date with myself is probably like nothing any girl has ever experienced. And sometimes not in a good way. Tonight was yet another case in point.

So, I went out with this beautiful girl from the OC. She drove all the way up here and I really wanted to make it a memorable night. In a good way. I had planned for us to go Fathers office which is a great, yet very busy hamburger joint/bar in Santa Monica. I figured that being in a busy environment would really cut down on the number of awkward moments of forced romance. What I didn’t know was that my date was rather uncomfortable in crowded environments. Personal space she needed, and Fathers office did not give.

I definitely made the wrong choice for dinner. But not nearly as terrible as my choice of entertainment for the evening. Improv comedy. We arrived kind of late and only caught the last minutes of the main show. Afterwards, they had another show called “Fortune Room.” I figured since we were there, we might as well just stick around and check it out. I really should have taken a hint by all the people who were leaving the theatre at the speed of light. Well, we stayed around. I made a few jokes about how with no audience, we might actually get to be in the show. And I should never have made those jokes. We sat down, and besides a lonely man in the corner, we were the audience. There were four stage members, one of which was a woman with a rather scary accent whose first sentence was (delivered singing): “By the end of the night, we’ll all be family. And you, you will be the star.” As she started walking towards us, my date started kicked me in the shins. It was time to get out. The singing lady fortunately went towards the lonely man in the corner, who introduced himself as being a slave-trader of sorts. I told my date to go to the bathroom, leave and then wait for me. And so she did. I left the show with the excuse of needing a class of water. The lonely man was now really lonely.

Ok, it becomes painstakingly obvious here. But don’t take a first date to an audience participation improv comedy show. Especially, when you are the only audience members. It’s simply not a great way to get know each other and most girls just don’t enjoy singing in public as part of a first date.

Anyway, my beautiful, and very nice date is back in the OC now. I headed over to my neighbors’ apartment who celebrated getting yet another PHD. It was obviously a booze fest as my quiet, chinese neighbor Victor couldn’t accurately tell me whether he was 22, 23 or 24.

Next time, it might just be a dinner and movie, depending on whether I learn my lesson. Or if there is a next time.