First day in Seattle

This morning at 7am me and John (loyal host dad) started our journey out west.  John generously volunteered to drive me and my fully loaded UHaul to Seattle. He said that I would get lost in the Seattle traffic, but I am pretty sure that he was more worried about me never making it to Seattle. Well, we made it. Washington greeted us with a hefty snow/rainstorm. We arrived in Seattle at about 3pm. None of my roomates were present at the time of arrival, so John and me went and checked out the neighborhood. Well, there is a car wash, 7-eleven,  pizza joint, chinese restaurant and a strip club. It seems like all basic needs should be covered. 

After greeting my new roomate Elisa, and cleaning out the truck a bit, we took John to the airport, so he could catch his flight back to Montana. John really is a great guy for helping me out on this one. Afterwards, Elisa and I checked out the local health club, where we were greeted by some fitness dude acting like a used car salesman. Never met anyone that pushy before. Even though Elisa and me just met each other, he still offered us the married couples’ rate. A man with  ture values!

We went and ate at Taco del Mar. I met Elisa’s daughter Kayle (who is a total sweetheart) and my two other roomates Seda and Ashley. I think that I am really going to like Seattle. It’s a huge city. Big city life will be very different from anything that I have ever known before. But, I am ready for it.